Sister’s Alliance Newsletter: 1.30.2021

New Sitting with Sisters Episode LIVE!

Suzette Sweatt is the Co-Founder of SweattBoxx Wellness Center located in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to being a certified trainer, Suzette is also well versed in Health and Wellness Coaching. For that reason, we wanted to bring her on Sitting with Sisters to share a few tips on how to enter 2021 correctly. She talks about how to be resilient during troubled times, the importance of scaling creatively, and why you should already be in Q2 for your 2021 plans! Check out the interview here.

In Loving Memory, Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson, one of the first actress to gracefully portray African American on television, passed away January 28th at the age of 96. During a time when Black women were most notably cast in demeaning roles such as drug addicts, housemaids, and prostitutes, Tyson refused such roles stating she vowed to only accept parts showing “strength, pride and dignity” (The Washington Post). Ms. Tyson was a trailblazer for the Black community and she will be dearly missed.

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Sister Shoutout: Christina Lockett

Christina Lockett, Founder of Christina Ann Hair Boutique

Christina Lockett continues to be recognized for precision cutting, advanced coloring, a hair extensions guru and service throughout the industry and community. She has been involved with the beauty industry for 15 years and a licensed cosmetologist for 8 years. Christina has been trained and certified by top colorist and educators and has exclusively traveled to Paris, France to receive top education from industry leaders from around the world. What makes Christina a unique hair dresser is she can tackle any hair type or hair texture which makes up a huge part of her clientele base and a more marketable stylist in any demographic region. Although extensions, beautiful blow outs, styles, impeccable color, and precision cuts are a huge part of services she provides, Christina believes in the foundation of the health of the hair. Book an appointment on her website.

Wanting to Support Local Black Women-Owned Businesses?

Check out this list of Black Women-Owned Businesses in Indianapolis, compiled by Indy Maven.

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