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Our mission is to inspire, connect, and support Black women led businesses to grow and expand. We hope to ignite action and see more Black women led businesses in Indiana be the light in their communities to bring forth positive family, education, health, and financial outcomes.

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Are you overwhelm managing every aspect of the business? Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place. Join us at our quarterly Sister Circle Talks. This event is meant to connect Black women entrepreneurs in Indiana. We share advice and support to one another on business and personal matters.

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Congratulations to our Grant Winners!

Sister’s Alliance wanted to kick off 2021 by giving back to two Black-women entrepreneurs in Indiana and with the help of the Anderson University MBA cohort, we finally have our winners. Our 2 $500 Grant Winners are Suzette Allen (left) and Sherie Scott (right)!
Both women have been a guest on our Sitting with Sisters talk show so be sure to check out their interviews here! Congratulations, ladies!

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Sister’s Alliance Newsletter: April 2021

New Sitting with Sisters Episode LIVE: Jeannine Murray Jeannine Murray is the CFO and co-owner of Family Works Inc., a private agency that provides counseling and support services to children and families who are experiencing challenges. As co-owner of the company for going on 13 years and in celebration of Women’s History Month, we discuss…

Sister’s Alliance Newsletter: March 2021

Happy Women’s History Month! Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. In honor of this month, Sister’s Alliance is compiling a list of names to create an Indianapolis Women’s High-Powered List. Be on the lookout for that list soon! New Sitting with…

Sister’s Alliance Newsletter: 1.30.2021

New Sitting with Sisters Episode LIVE! Suzette Sweatt is the Co-Founder of SweattBoxx Wellness Center located in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to being a certified trainer, Suzette is also well versed in Health and Wellness Coaching. For that reason, we wanted to bring her on Sitting with Sisters to share a few tips on how…

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