Meet our co-founder and owner of Insight Financial Group, Linda Karressy.

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Small business plays a large role in job creation and economic growth. Black women are the fastest-growing group creating small businesses and are creating businesses with no access to capital. We need to ensure Black women entrepreneurs can secure financial resources to reach their potential.

Minorities makeup 40 percent of the U.S. population but only own 20 percent of employer businesses. It is imperative that Black women entrepreneurs have the information, relationships, and resources to launch successful firms.

We want to ignite a movement to provide capital to Black women entrepreneurs in Indiana. Corporations, venture capitalists, and banks are not servicing this group. We need drastic changes to occur so Black women-owned businesses can start, grow, and thrive.

Our Team

Linda Karressy

Advisor, Consultant, and Bookkeeper at Insight Financial Group, LLC.

Sister’s Alliance, Co-founder

Yolanda Wide

Executive Director at Youth Legacy Foundation

Sister’s Alliance, Co-founder

Mariah Murray

MBA Student at Anderson University

Sister’s Alliance, Marketing Manager & Content Strategist