Sitting with Sisters is a once-a-month video segment that sits down with various businesswomen in any career field to discuss resources and information they found most useful during their career journey.

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Brittany Collins, Postsecondary Outreach Manager

August 2021

Brittany Collins is the Postsecondary Outreach Manager for the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. As an Outreach Manager Brittany oversee the Commission’s role in program for the Indiana GEAR Up grant, manage the 21st Century Scholars program. She also work with community partners to engage with the Commission programs. We discuss the 21st Century program, resources for students and families when applying to college, and financial aid.

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Jeannine Murray, Family Works Inc.

March 2021

Jeannine Murray is the CFO and co-owner of Family Works Inc., a private agency that provides counseling and support services to children and families who are experiencing challenges. As co-owner of the company for going on 13 years and in celebration of Women’s History Month, we discuss a number of issues surrounding gender injustices in the workplace. Topics ranging from gender injustices she has experienced even in an industry dominated by women to how men can help eliminate these injustices.

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Sherie Scott, The Sophisticated Diva

February 2021

In preparation of Women’s History Month, we wanted to speak with Sherie Scott who is known for her business creating specialty jewelry and accessories highlighting professions and hobbies. Sherie has been a huge supporter of Sister’s Alliance and other Black women-owned businesses across the nation, so we talked with her about why there is sometimes a lack of support for other women’s endeavors and how we can change that.

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Suzette Sweatt, Co-founder of SweattBoxx Wellness Center

January 2021

In addition to being a certified trainer, Suzette is also well versed in Health and Wellness Coaching. For that reason, we wanted to bring her on Sitting with Sisters to share a few tips on how to enter 2021 correctly. She talks about how to be resilient during troubled times, the importance of scaling creatively, and why you should already be in Q2 for your 2021 plans!

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Linda Karressy, Sister’s Alliance Co-Founder & Owner of Insight Financial Group, LLC.

October 2020

With the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings for people’s finances, it was important to be able to talk to an expert knowledgable in everything money and finances. Thankfully, I was able to sit down with Linda Karressy and discuss the difference between an accountant, bookkeeper, CFO, etc., tips for going into the 2021 year, what banks look at for loans, and more! Check out Linda’s interview to learn about a few basic finance ideas that are never talked about.

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Toya Wilson-Smith, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of NexGeneration Digital Marketing Agency

September 2020

You all asked, we answered! Toya Wilson-Smith owns NexGeneration Digital Marketing Agency, an agency that can aid with all of your marketing needs, whether that be social media or learning more about SEO. I had the opportunity to talk with Toya about how small business owners can use certain tactics to be recognized on social media, how important it is to take advantage of SEO, how to do so, and much more!

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Halle Simpson, Business Life Coach & Trainer

August 2020

Halle Simpson is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and works with Small Business Owners and Professionals to address “internal thought processes that can block success, while offering strategy and accountability to create lasting change.” We talk about some of these strategies and why it’s so important for business owners to know themselves, specifically their strengths and weakness.

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Saidah Pearsall, Founder & Owner of Shea Body Works

July 2020

Shea Body Works is based in Carmel, Indiana and creates products that helps to address dry skin woes. In Pearsall’s interview, she talks about how she built her company from the ground up, learning about FDA requirements through SCORE, and resources/ Indianapolis contacts that helped her along the way with her various business needs, such as creating a logo and coming up with marketing tactics.

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