Black Business Directory

“Black people will never solve their economic problems while sending all of their money out of the community as fast as they earn it.”

Black Women-Owned Businesses in Indianapolis, provided by Indy Maven

From restaurants and salons to boutiques and art galleries, check out this list of Black women-owned businesses located in Indy.

A List of Black-Owned Businesses to Support Across America, provided by Hello Alice

Hello Alice is compiling a list of local and national places to direct your spending.

#1 Directory for Black Businesses in Indianapolis, provided by Indy Black Owned

Amplifying the voices of the Indianapolis Black-owned business community.

Black Dolla

Black Dolla is all about the Black experience from both the business and customers perspective. Black Dolla wants to support every Black business and contribute to the elevation of the community. “Rebuilding Black Wall Street, one city at a time” starting right here in Indy.

Indy Black Businesses Matter

Black Businesses Matter is a storytelling and networking campaign designed to support Black businesses. This free marketing campaign includes a window cling, digital & social media, podcast, news media and a monthly networking series. Stay tuned!

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