Sister’s Alliance Newsletter: 12.25.2020

Merry Christmas, Ladies!

Sister’s Alliance co-founder, Linda Karressy, wants to wish you all a Happy Holiday and give you some last words to go into 2021 feeling more ready than ever! Check out our new YouTube video and subscribe!

Sister’s Alliance 2020-21 Business Grant

There are only two weeks left to apply for our two (2) grants for U.S. $500 and we want don’t want you to miss out! We will be awarding these grants to Black women entrepreneurs and business owners striving to make their better their business heading into the New Year! The grant application deadline is January 8th, 2020 and the Grand Prize Winners will be announced March 16th! Be sure to apply ASAP!

Sister Circle Recap!

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of hosting our final Sister Circle of 2020 via Zoom. In case you couldn’t attend, here’s a quick recap!

Two of the largest marketing tactics women have found to be successful are 1) getting in front of the camera, whether it’s creating a YouTube channel or going Live on social media and 2) sending out weekly emails to keep customers informed and thinking about your business!

Also, be sure to check out these grants that can also be found under the ‘Funding’ tab on our site!

Sister Shoutout: Our Sister Circle Women

For the last Sister Shoutout of 2020, we wanted to shoutout a few businesses (and their current deals, if any) of the women who attended our most recent Sister Circle event!

  • Teri Cox, Handcrafted Jewelry by Teri C. : coupon codes on website from 15%-50% off 
  • Saidah Pearsall, Shea Body Works: 10% off for new customers with code ‘INVITE’, free shipping on orders $39+, weekly giveaway to subscribers on email list
  • Sherie Scott, The Sophisticated Diva: free shipping, weekly 50% promotion items
  • Brandy Ferguson, Love4traveling

See you in 2021!

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