Sister’s Alliance Newsletter: 10.30.2020

New Sitting with Sister’s episode!

Before 2021, we wanted to sit down and talk with someone knowledgable on money and personal finances. Who better than our very own co-founder, Linda Karressy, also known as the owner of Insight Financial Group, LLC. located in Indianapolis! Linda gave some insight into a few topics that all business owners and entrepreneurs should be well versed in, but are still struggling with day-to-day. For example, deciding between hiring a CFO, accountant, or bookkeeper, what banks look for before lending out loans, and much more! Check out her interview here.

What would you like to see from Sister’s Alliance in 2021?

We would love to gain you ladies feedback to continue producing content and resources valuable to you. Click on this link to be directed to our survey where we’ll look to see how we can better serve you!

8 Financial Tips for Young Adults

Oftentimes, many adults are not knowledgeable on the ins-and-outs of personal finance because there was never anyone that had the in-depth conversation with them. While there are some obvious concepts that most understand, there are plenty more that go right over our heads. Here’s an Investopedia article on “8 Financial Tips For Young Adults” that are useful to all ages.

Chef Tia, Chef Tia & Co. Owner
Sister Shoutout: Chef Tia & Co.

Chef Tia Harrison has been in the food service industry for over 20 years; her background includes casual and fine dining. She attended Ivy Tech for Culinary Arts and has been cooking professionally since 2008. Chef Tia & Co has been in existence since 2009. The restaurant is located on W. Washington Street (4955 W. Washington St. Suite F Indianapolis, Indiana 46241). Her menu ranges from wings to gumbo to shrimp & grits and so much more! Check out Chef Tia & Co. here!

Sitting with Sisters Host, Mariah’s MBA Insight of the Day

During my time thus far in Anderson’s MBA program, there has been a lot of key takeaways that have stuck with me that I would like to begin sharing with you ladies! On the topic of finance, one tip is to begin researching and understanding accounting ratios: liquidity, asset turnover, profitability, etc. All of these ratios come from your balance sheet and are what most banks assess when deciding on if they should lend out a loan to your business or not. These ratios can be extremely helpful internally, as well, when trying to gain a better understanding of how you and your company are doing and how you will continue to do in times of crisis.

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